Please note this page consists of recommendations made by other first responders. We do not have any personal interest invested in any of these resources and cannot personally vouch for their quality of service.
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On-site academy

Westminster, MA - (978)874-0177

The On-Site Academy is a non-profit residential treatment facility. We serve emergency service workers who are in distress. Our program is for all law enforcement, fire service, EMS, or other human service personnel who are themselves temporarily overwhelmed by the stress of their jobs, what they have seen, and what they have been through.

Prince William County Public Safety Resilience Center

7762 Donegan Drive, Manassas, VA. - (703)792-5585

The Public Safety Resilience Center located in Prince William County aims to provide easily accessible, quality mental health care in a way that both protect the confidentiality of staff while also providing positive mental health interactions between law enforcement, fire, rescue and EMS workers. They have a policy to call you back within 24 hours.

Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health & Treatment Recovery

13400 Edgemeade Road, Upper Marlboro, MD. - (301)358-0192 - IAFF Members Only

Please be sure to note you are a firefighter and union member when you call. If you have any difficulties with their call center personnel please contact Myrrhanda Jones at or (352) 538-0377 for assistance.

Are you a fire fighter or paramedic struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression or anxiety? Seeking out the help you need isn’t a sign of weakness — it’s proof of strength. There’s courage in recognizing that you have a problem, and relief in realizing that healing is possible.

The IAFF Center of Excellence is designed with IAFF members in mind, and staffed with clinicians and physicians who understand your struggle. With an integrated approach to treatment and a combination of psychotherapeutic, pharmaceutical and holistic methods, you can get back to the work you love and the people you cherish.

Pocono Mountain Recovery Center

3437 PA-715, Henryville, PA. - (888)706-0628

When a first responder is in a dangerous situation, it’s normal to feel fear and for your body to go into a fight or flight response. This can happen even if you are just anticipating an upcoming danger. Once the threat is gone your body returns to normal. However, after a potentially life-threatening event, this normal fight or flight response may be altered. The stressor is generally outside the range of normal human experience such as combat, natural disasters, crashes or the loss of a colleague or loved one among other types of trauma. People with Post Traumatic Stress experiences can continue to feel as if they are in danger long after the “danger” has passed. At Pocono Mountain Recovery Center in Henryville, PA, we have a team of counselors with the knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in gaining control of these stressors. We offer an individualized treatment program that addresses our client’s needs in order to help the trauma that is haunting them.

Geisinger Marworth Treatment Center

Lily Lake Road, Waverly, PA. - (800)442-7722

Individuals struggling with addiction who are also working in a law enforcement profession face a unique set of challenges in recovery. To address this, Marworth's Uniformed Professionals Treatment Program offers police officers, firefighters, first responders or others working in similar roles treatment for abusing drugs or alcohol.